Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

In Service to you.

Our focus is always on - and stays - in service to the Client’s values, leadership style, vision, and goals. The coach, as a trusted advisor, is in service to the client’s agenda and best interest. Not the other way around.

Straight Talk

Level 1
  • One-on-one coaching sessions focusing on individual, team, or organizational performance.


Level 2
  • One-on-one coaching sessions plus evaluations & insights from pertinent industry assessments & 360s.


Level 3
  • One-on-one coaching sessions plus in-person or virtual observation and feedback in the workplace. Helps the coach gain additional context to Level 1 and 2 coaching by allowing the coach to observe and experience first hand the client’s behaviors and impact in the client’s environment.

Why choose grace

GAW espouses this equation for the context of success: Performance = Potential – Interference.

The more individual and organizational energy and focus can be directed to the Potential variable, the greater the success. The more time you spend with the people on the front end of change, the greater the probability for success on the back end of change.

No matter what level of coaching you require, we promise:


You will understand what you are investing in and what the value of that investment is at the end of the coaching engagement.

Asset 12@2x

You will be offered ideas about how to sustain and scale new behaviors, perspective, and capabilities resulting from our coaching sessions.


We seek to leverage new perspectives and competencies with other individuals - team or organization wide.

Why learn with eric

Eric is ICF trained and certified, adheres to ICF values and ethics, and has coached in over 20 countries, in a wide variety of industries, at all levels of leadership and organizations.

But more than this, he recognizes the importance of creating maximum value based on your needs, for a specific time horizon. He knows the real drivers of change extend beyond the behavioral and intellectual requirements, but include the emotional and purpose - The Bigger Why of change. Read his full bio here.

Contact us today to find your why, and make your breakthrough.